Privacy Policy

BeatRoute is committed to respecting individual privacy and confidentiality of any individual’s data. Please read the following information carefully before using our platform –

Scope of policy

The public website (, our product portal ( and the mobile app by the name BeatRoute on Android and iOS stores or disseminated otherwise are owned and operated by BeatRoute Innovations Pvt. Ltd. We at BeatRoute recognise that you are concerned about your personal privacy.

This Privacy Policy is provided to inform you of what personal information is collected, and how that information is maintained and used by BeatRoute. This Privacy Policy applies to all information collected or submitted on our website, portal as well as the mobile app.

Changes in the Policy

BeatRoute reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy as our practices or prevailing statutory guidelines may demand. We encourage you to review the privacy policy from time to time.All portal and mobile app users will be informed explicitly about any changes in the privacy policy.

Continuous Location Tracking

It remains our goal to not do continuous recording of GPS location of the end users. Only in case of multiple deliveries or service ticket scenarios, the location of the field agent is picked automatically after certain intervals. All such continuous location data is only used internally by the platform to recommend the next best job assignment. Continuous movement data is not exposed through any backend interface to any user or admin of the platform.

Current Location

In some specific use cases where the current location is required for the backend agents to assign a task to a specific field executive manually, only the last known location is presented.

Location of Transactions

All transactions done by app users are tagged with geo-stamp. Users will be prompted to change their location settings in case it is switched off at the time of saving any transaction data.

Map View of Activities

Transactions captured with location can also be presented as a map view on specific interfaces on the platform.

Scope of Device Data Capturing

The BeatRoute app captures device data such as device manufacturer name, device model, battery status on every login, operating system version and Google Play Services version. This helps us troubleshoot any issues reported by users and also continually assess the app’s performances against available resources on the device. Such data is also visible to the company (BeatRoute’s customer and direct/indirect employer of BeatRoute users) personnel.

Automatic call date and time logging

When automatic call date and time logging is enabled by the client Administrator, we take users’ consent to read the call log of his android device and automatically log date, and time, and duration of incoming and outgoing calls made to an existing customers/prospects. 

For incoming and outgoing calls, a mini profile of customer/prospect might appear on top of the screen even when it is locked. However this will happen only when call date and time logging is enabled by client administrator and user has not disallowed it.

Data Capturing on our public Website

Browsing data of visitors is captured on our website to improve usability of our content and information architecture of our website. By using cookies we identify our website visitors and target advertisements on various online platforms.

Use of SMS Account of the Device

BeatRoute is designed to support offline transactions on the App. In case a BeatRoute user is on-boarding a new customer or a partner for the company, an Acceptance Code is sent on the mobile number of customer/partner via SMS. This Acceptance code is a mark of acceptance from the customer/partner that company (BeatRoute’s customer) is entitled to sending SMS communications to them. In this process to support the offline feature, in case the internet is not available to BeatRoute App at that time, BeatRoute user will be prompted to accept sending SMS using his own device SMS account. Upon confirmation, BeatRoute uses the devices SMS account to send the acceptance code to customers/partners.

Data Sharing with Third Party Systems

Every user’s email id (user id) is shared with an App performance analysis system only in case of App crash to troubleshoot the issue. Every user’s email id is also shared with our support platform in case users decides to use chat support channel on the mobile app or decides to raise a support ticket on our portal. In case of automated SMS communication to users, their mobile no is shared with our integrated third-party SMS platform. In all such cases, BeatRoute has carefully chosen third-party platforms that conform to our information privacy and security standards. BeatRoute does not share it’s users data with any third party that is not clearly stated in this policy document and all sharing is intended only from the perspective of offering a solution or resolving an issue related with the core offering of BeatRoute.

Data ownership and Retention

All individual data that is captured as described above remains under the ownership of BeatRoute customers (Direct/indirect employer of BeatRoute users). Data retention & purging is controlled by BeatRoute’s licensing contract signed with its customers. Acceptance of this Privacy Policy by end users means acceptance of ownership of information and associated data handling policy by their employers. BeatRoute cannot be held responsible by end users for any supposed violation beyond the stated commitments in this Privacy Policy document. BeatRoute assures its end users that none of the Customer License contract terms remain in violation of the privacy law prevailing in the country.