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Visual Merchandising Software – The ‘BeatRoute’ Retail Route

When it comes to sales – whether for FMCG or Consumer Durables or other consumer products companies, meticulous strategy and planning go into remaining on top of the game. Integrating a reliable visual merchandising software is one common strategy. 

Amongst the practices commonplace, yet differentiated and effective, in the retail industry, visual merchandising is right there at the top of the list. Well executed floor plans, attractive, three-dimensional displays, special packaging and posters, and right product placement – all to pique customer interest and maximize their sales. Companies are vying against one another to grab the same set of eyeballs to drive their sales at retailers up and get the cash registers ringing. Retail and sales strategies to drive topline are incomplete if they don’t boost of a well-conceptualized visual merchandising campaign to garner the desired attention for the products and offers.

As effective as it is – Visual Merchandising – both campaign design and execution, come with their set of challenges.

Rapidly evolving consumer choices, as well as innovations by brands – new and old, make effective campaign design a nightmare in itself. Execution, on the other hand, has challenges like…

  • Opaque activation status across retailer touchpoints, to the brand team/headquarters
  • Wrong and erroneous placement of displays, and other visual merchandising collateral
  • Inconsistent displays and execution, across retailers, and compared to benchmarks
  • Lack of effective feedback mechanism by the field teams

With BeatRoute, we assure you – you’re covered for these execution challenges, right down to the T, so you can focus on designing the perfect campaign. With BeatRoute, you can design, track and measure Product Visibility, Shelf audit, Store Branding across all your retailer stores – thus being able to drive ROI.

How do we help, exactly? Here’s how:

  • Campaign Design:
    • Creating custom Visual Merchandising campaigns and recipes by combining an exhaustive set of predefined Visual Merchandising tools like product display, in-store branding artifacts, POSM material, etc.
  • Campaign Targeting:
    • Enabling you to target your recipes by class and type of store that you have defined in your system
  • Field Reporting:
    • Intuitive zero-training interface for field force to provide feedback on campaigns
    • Picture based reporting
    • Offline and poor network support with stream upload for images
  • Central Audit:
    • Bringing all of this together in a central dashboard to allow overall insights and analytics, at an aggregated level

Start with BeatRoute now, for a one-stop solution to all your sales and sales force challenges.

Each of the above features has been thought through and designed to get more out of your visual merchandising investments. Another feature that this app offers is learning and demonstration set-up for your field sales and visual merchandising teams. Thus ensuring that your brand communication is consistent and accurate across your retail store network.

Sounds just about perfect, doesn’t it? Visit our website and we’ll help you get the most out of your visual merchandising campaigns. BeatRoute will help you execute your strategy to ensure substantial sales growth. It will also help to deliver well-rounded visibility at your retailers. You can request a demo here to know the working of the software.

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