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How FMCG Companies Can Increase Sales Through Sales Gamification

Sales Gamification is the process of adopting game-like elements, dynamics, and aesthetics to achieve the desired performance from the sales team. Gamification helps in keeping the sales reps engaged and motivated.


According to a report conducted for more than 70% of companies using sales gamification tools, there was an increase between 11% to 50% in the measured sales performance. Big corporate houses like PayPal and SAP have experienced up to a 7x increase in sales conversions by using Gamification.


Gamification in sales not only enhances the competition within a team but also recognizes the top performers. It helps in converting the normal day-to-day sales activities into engaging ones.


Sales gamification increases engagement while doing sales which is often seen as a boring and task-oriented job by some sales reps.


It also supports open mentoring options within a team through leaderboard visibility, wherein low performing sales reps can benchmark their performance against high performing sales reps to increase performance.


Sales leaders find sales gamification tools very useful as it encourages in building motivational energy around the team, and it also helps them in achieving the company goals.


While there is a list of sales gamification tools, BeatRoute’s Sales Gamification Software provides the best gamification experience. It focuses on output KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) as well as input KBIs (Key Behavioral Indicators) resulting in increased sales records for FMCG companies.



Let’s have a look at the six-step process designed by BeatRoute to gamify the sales process using its software.


1) Defining The Goals For Individual Sales Reps & Teams :

Every FMCG company has some goals set for revenue and sales. It becomes very important for the company to convert these company-level goals into individual goals for the sales reps.



Examples of such goals can be total sales, orders collected by sales reps, upselling, cross-selling, schemes applied, etc. The actions are eventually completed by the sales reps and can be measured by the sales leaders to judge the overall performance of the sales reps.


BeatRoute’s Sales Gamification Software enables the sales leaders to run a goal-driven sales process that empowers the whole team to achieve the company-level goals.


2) Deciding The Right KPIs & KBIs Corresponding To The Goals:

Once the sales leaders have defined the company-level goals, they can convert them into a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as sales targets, as well as Key Behavioural Indicators (KPIs) such as input activities undertaken by the sales reps.


For example, let’s say the company’s goal is to achieve x number of sales of a particular item. This number can be only be achieved by the collective efforts of all the sales reps. So, the company can define a KPI by the name “Sales Target” and that will indicate the performance of the sales reps.


The better the performance of the reps, the more the chances of achieving overall company goals.


3) Allocating points As Per The KPIs & KBIs:

Once the KPIs & KBIs are defined, sales leaders can allocate points to each one of them. They can allocate more points to more significant goals, say cross-sell.


This system motivates the sales reps to attempt the goals with high points and eventually benefits the company in achieving the company goal.


BeatRoute’s Sales Gamification Software allows sales leaders to design a points structure for the decided set of KPIs & KBIs to accomplish a particular business goal.


4) Recording Field Actions Into The App & Monitoring The Leaderboard:

BeatRoute’s Sales Gamification Software displays the Leaderboard rankings based on all the actions performed by the sales reps. It keeps a track of all activities performed by the sales rep and assigns points on completing a task as per the allocated points.




The leaderboard allows sales leaders to keep a track of all the tasks done by the sales reps. The best part about this system is sales reps themselves can track their goals and thus, their rankings.


This advanced leaderboard also allows the sales reps to identify what tasks need to be performed to gain points to arrive at a certain rank. A competitive environment is created and sales reps are motivated to perform tasks to improve their rankings.


5) Rewarding The Top Performers and Identifying Issues With others:

With the data of all the actions performed by the sales reps and the daily & monthly rankings as per the leaderboard, sales leaders can reward the top-performing sales reps in their team and can address issues with the other non-performing sales reps.


With the help of the overall monthly sales behavior data, sales leaders can identify which sales rep scored poorly for which KPI, giving them a clear picture of the strengths & weaknesses of a particular sales rep.


For example, a sales rep with poor scores in upselling clearly indicates where he needs help.


6) Learning Need Detection and PinPointed Training:

BeatRoute’s Sales Gamification Software allows sales leaders to identify the learning needs of individual sales reps through the points earned or lost by them.


Once the learning need is identified, the sales leaders can target relevant digital training modules based on the skill gaps of the individual sales reps.


They can also send media items, say videos, to a targeted set of reps for the training and guidance purpose.


BeatRoute’s Sales Gamification Software not only helps in boosting the sales but also helps in identifying individual problems faced by the sales reps. Thus, by arranging problem-based training sessions, the weak performing sales reps can get benefitted.



Overall, gamification for sales is an excellent way to boost your revenue and create a competitive environment within your team. It allows you to recognize, reward, and motivate the sales team along with working on their weaknesses.


BeatRoute’s Sales Gamification Software helps to get the best out of each sales rep and helps to achieve the sales target of the company. The systematic step by step approach helps you build a competitive environment within the company, which in turn increases the sales of the company.


Are most of your sales reps not able to achieve their sales targets? If yes, then click here to book an online demo for BeatRoute’s Sales Gamification Software and make your sales team most productive.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Why is sales gamification important?

Gamification of the sales process builds a competitive work culture within a company. It motivates and engages the sales reps to give their best performance, besides it also makes the day to day job of sales reps more engaging and interesting leading to an overall increase in sales of a company.


How to gamify sales in FMCG?

Businesses can take advantage of BeatRoute’s Sales Gamification Software to gamify sales in the FMCG business. They can define some KPIs along with a reward system, thus setting a leaderboard. The sales leaders can then reward the top-performing sales reps at the month-end and provide training to sales reps who fall short in numbers.


What is the best FMCG gamification software?

Although sales gamification apps/software are in abundance in the market, the best software integrates the entire sales process with the gaming elements along with a live leaderboard. The best gamification software allows flexibility of choice in KPIs and accurate data integration of daily activities performed by sales reps. BeatRoute’s Sales Gamification Software with gamification ticks all the boxes and it is easy to say that it is the best in the world at present.

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