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Grow Your Modern Trade Sales Using BeatRoute’s Product Promoter App

In modern trade stores across all categories, interaction with in-store promoters or product promoters is arguably the most important element of the shopper journey. Not only is it important from the perspective of the buyer but it is also important from the perspective of the business.


A product promoter acts as a brand representative and resolves all the customer queries at a single point of contact. Most companies selling through modern trade channel deploy in-store product promoters, since their interaction with the customer leads to a huge difference in the final sales conversion.


Businesses deploy a product promoter as they enable human interaction with a prospective buyer which could win the sales in the company’s favour. Ensuring the presence of trained and well-informed product promoters at the store wins you the conversions. Equipping the product promoters with a holistic product promoter app could help you achieve your sales goals at the outlets.


Product Promoter App


Typically, there is no specialized tech solution for the modern trade channel. A typical market solution is more or less a general trade SFA modified to serve the modern trade channel for very basic purposes like attendance taking, stock checking, stock reporting, etc. Modern trade, like we know, is much more than that. The solutions in the market which are used by many FMCG/CD companies are not the ones that can help them achieve their company-level sales targets. 


For a business that is looking to increase its sales via the modern trade channel, there is a requirement of a specialized solution that can drastically improve the sales productivity of the modern trade promoters and help in driving the sales.


We at BeatRoute, with our experience and history of working with stalwart FMCG companies like Nivea, Perfetti Van Melle, and Kimberly-Clark, designed a goal-driven sales approach which combines with our application workflows to drive maximum sales growth for the FMCG & Consumer Durables companies operating in the modern trade channel.


Let’s see how the system operates.


  • The FMCG/CD company decides a set of goals for the overall revenue and sales. These goals are set at the company-level for the modern trade channel. Further, these company-level sales goals are converted into individual goals for the product promoters as they are the ones interacting with the customers and bringing sales to the company. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Key Behavioural Indicators (KBIs) are also decided corresponding to these goals for measuring the performance.


  • The next step is aligning these product promoter goals with BeatRoute’s product promoter application. The application, unlike others in the market, is specifically designed to get in sync with these modern trade goals. It motivates the product promoters to accomplish their tasks by gamifying the overall process and setting-up a healthy and input-based competition among the promoters. Thus, the overall process helps the promoters to achieve their goals.


  • The performance of the product promoters is measured with the help of set KPIs & KBIs. Indicators such as schedule adherence, Visual Merchandising score, number of customer interactions, etc are analyzed by the system. Training modules and product videos are sent to individual product promoters for them to have a better understanding of the product, helping them to demonstrate in front of customers. Each product promoter is trained after identifying their shortcomings, thus using the overall system as feedback to improve the set sales approach.


  • The cycle is then again repeated after filling all the gaps. Modifications are made based on the results of the previous cycle or the new demands of the company. The overall approach creates a feedback-based model that moves to perfection with each cycle as the shortcomings are analyzed and improvements are implemented. BeatRoute’s product promoter application allows businesses to achieve their company level-sales goals with a controlled and efficient goal-driven sales approach.


BeatRoute’s Product Promoter App is an easy-to-use mobile app that helps in maximizing ROI through your product promoters. The app helps you to have complete access to the activities performed by the product promoters. The product promoter app is supported with appearance & grooming assurance, standardized communication with consumers, and promises robust sales process execution at every store.


Let us understand how BeatRoute’s Product Promoter App helps you to grow your modern trade sales:


  • BeatRoute’s product promoter App ensures the presence of product promoters through GPS tagged attendance. The product promoters are the face of your company hence, for them to stand out among the other competitors requires them to be sharp all the time. BeatRoute’s Product Promoter App facilitates grooming and attendance tracking through selfie and face recognition.
  • BeatRoute’s Product Promoter App assists you with the perfect execution of your visual merchandising campaigns. It ensures that all the visual merchandising campaigns are aligned to the task through high-resolution pics directly from the field representatives. 
  • BeatRoute’s product promoter app provides in house training of product promoters through multimedia pictures. Thinking of providing customized training based on location and role?  BeatRoute does that as well! The content provided to the promoters is also visible in offline mode.
  • BeatRoute’s Product Promoter App also assists in offtake reporting with or without customer details. The offtake reporting is also authenticated through API. The product promoters can get complete information on products through an optional barcode scan. 
  • As a sales leader, stock outrages may worry you? BeatRoute’s Product Promoter App allows the product promoter to report stock outrages. Sales leaders get the notification of the same on their app and can plan the sales visit according to the reports received by them.
  • BeatRoute’s Product Promoter App detects late entrance and early exits through backend reporting. It notifies the sales manager on the absence of the promoters, so the next time your promoter complains of discrepancies you have the data already :).


BeatRoute’s Product Promoter App is an ideal tool that helps in meeting some core objectives of the deployment of product promoters. It is for both, to set a standard of communication with customers through exclusive training or ensuring the availability and visibility of product promoters at the store. It is safe to say that BeatRoute’s Product Promoter App boosts your modern trade sales by leaps and bounds with increased in-store conversions.


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Frequently Asked Questions:


How do Product Promoters help in increasing FMCG sales?

In-store product promoters help in increasing the conversions of walk-in customers by promoting the new products, schemes, and offers through in-person conversations with the customers. It influences the impulse purchasing decisions and expands the on-spot sales for business at the retail stores.


What makes BeatRoute’s Product Promoter App unique?

BeatRoute’s Product Promoter App helps you to have complete access to the activities performed by the product promoters. With the help of a goal-driven sales approach, BeatRoute helps FMCG/CD companies in achieving their modern trade sales targets. The product promoter app is supported up with attendance & grooming assurance, standardized communication with consumers, and promises robust sales process execution at every store. All of this helps in increasing the overall sales in the retail stores.


Which is the best Product Promoter App in the world at the moment?

There are lots of product promoter apps available in the market, but the best product promoter app should not only help in product promoter execution but also help in increasing the overall sales of the company. BeatRoute’s sales force automation not only helps in product promotional activities but also assists in route optimization, visual merchandising, order maximization, order collection, etc. with a completely innovative way of doing these processes.

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