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What is Sales Force Automation Software? 2022 Guide for Indian FMCG Companies

Scheduling visits, taking orders, following up with retailers, onboarding new stores or updating sales opportunities – Well, there are a lot of tasks to add to the list of activities executed by sales teams on ground. In the age of evolving technology, automation of these tasks can help your sales team get over these time-consuming tasks and focus more on strategies for increasing sales. Sales force automation is the best technological solution when it comes to controlling, managing, and delivering instructions to your sales force in the field. FMCG Industry has pioneered the use of sales force automation software in India to facilitate large organization with enhanced sales, better communication, and better management of field representatives.


What is Sales Force Automation Software?


Sales Force Automation software is the technological advancement that automates mundane sales processes and offers a quick digital communication for the sales representatives working in the field with dealers, distributors and other relevant stakeholders. Opting for a tailor made sales force automation software can help to increase productivity by eliminating time-consuming manual processes. Sales Force Automation in India is a relatively new concept that has exhibited excellent results for businesses, especially FMCG & Consumer Goods Companies, in the past few years.


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Changes observed in field sales and marketing processes since the adoption of SFA


Adoption of Sales Force Automation in India has been a drastic move that has led to several changes in the field sales and marketing processes.

  • Centralized system: Sales force automation software provides a centralized system to provide information about every activity to all the users in an organized and concise manner. This facilitates the flow of information and knowledge to all the users.


  • Communication link: Sales force automation software helps facilitate real-time digital communication between the field sales reps, managers, dealers and distributors etc. for seamless field sales and marketing operations across General Trade, Modern Trade & HORECA channels. 


  • Facilitates Better Retailer Relations: Sales force automation helps in streamlining business functions like delivery, follow-up, visual merchandising audit, feedback etc. that enhances retailer relations. The sales force can respond in time if they receive alerts about their follow-ups and deliveries.


  • Strategic Edge: The data gathered and stored through sales force automation serves as an essential ground for analyzing important aspects like performance, customer experience, potential prospects, etc. Therefore, SFA is a powerful tool that can provide any business with a strategic edge in the competitive industry.


Advantages of Sales Force Automation over conventional sales processes


Conventional sales process fails to provide optimal results in this cut-throat competition of industries. With the evolving technology, most companies have adopted technical aids like sales force automation software, recruiting software, employee tracking software to enhance their productivity, thereby increasing their sales. Adoption of sales force automation provides the following advantages over the conventional sales process.


  • Quicker Solutions to Field Sales Problems

    Field reps can view, update, and share real-time data from the field. Unlike the conventional process, sales reps do not need to come back and report at the office to receive the next visit schedule or feedback from the manager. This aids the communication gaps and enables sales reps to find quicker solutions for any field sales problem.


  • Improves Sales Behavior

    Sales Force Automation software can track down the activities of sales reps in the field but how the sales reps interact with retailers varies from one to other vastly for e.g. one sales rep might try to increase the order size or follow all the listed SOP’s but others might not. Sales force automation solution BeatRoute helps companies to improve sales behavior by gamifying the sales process not only on output KPIs but also on input based sales activities called key behavioral indicators (KBI’s). Pear benchmarking and scorecards recording the performance of field reps provides essential inputs about KPIs and KBIs that helps the organization detect the learning needs of individual sales reps and provide targeted digital training to further enhance sales behavior of field teams.


  • Goal Driven Execution of Field Sales Activities

    Although most sales force automation software offers companies to set and track their sales targets, it may not play a role in helping the company fulfill the goals on the ground. Next generation platforms like BeatRoute help companies set and achieve their business goals on ground, which are then converted to bite size sales goals for sales reps to fulfill on a target vs actual scorecard.


  • Better ROI on Go-to-Market Expenditure

    Apart from reduction of manpower wastage due to mundane sales task, sales force automation further reduces the cost of market visit by Route Optimization. Additionally, SFA enhances sales during every customer visit through AI augmented workflows. The digital coverage of low ROI retailers via WhatsApp BOT further decreases go to market expenditure. Therefore, companies can fetch better returns by integrating SFA over conventional sales processes.


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Future of Sales Force Automation


With the increasing demand for sales force automation in India, sales force automation software has evolved over the last few years. Software automation software has undergone several modifications and upgrades to provide more value to the business than just automation of the sales process.

Here are some of the most popular modifications in Sales Force Automation in India.


  • Gamification

    What can an SFA software do more than facilitating the sales process? Well, BeatRoute has an innovative way to engage and motivate your sales force by using sales force automation software. Gamification of the regular activities during sales not only provides a fresh enthusiasm to the sales force but also adds the aspect of fun to their mundane work boosting their morale to be more productive. Moreover, it uncovers the weaknesses of individual employees that require attention. Nothing can be more motivating than receiving rewards for your regular work.


  • CuesBOT

    CuesBOT not only enhances communication between retailers and sales reps but also provides important insights on Route-to-market operation through automated analytics. You can further use CuesBOT to create new cues and alerts as per the business’ requirement so that managers are nudged every time a problem arises in their territory. Moreover, it offers corrective and quick response enhancing the customer’s experience.


  • WhatsApp BOT

    80% of retailers use WhatsApp to manage orders, push offers, share product information, and other business activities. WhatsApp BOT enables your sales force to communicate with the retailers without visiting their stores physically. This enhances the flow of orders, communication between retailers and sales reps, and thus hiking the sales in an organized and swift way. BeatRoute has introduced the new AI-powered WhatsApp BOT to respond to retailers with IVR messages offering them suitable options.




Sales Force Automation in India has drastically improved the field sales and marketing processes. With real-time data and streamlined automation, SFA software contributes to the efficiency of the businesses, especially for FMCG & Consumer Goods Companies. BeatRoute provides sales automation software that is driven by company goals to enhance the smooth execution of the sales process, communication to the fieldworkers, and better sales force management. It provides you with the optimal solution for engaging, monitoring, and bringing the best out of your sales force so as to add greater value to your business.


Besides giving you complete process automation across GT, MT and HORECA/B2B, BeatRoute Field Force Automation software is industry’s one and only Goal Driven CRM SFA platform that puts your business goals first, and ensures those goals are met month after month. It perfectly aligns with the sales goals a company sets for its sales teams and helps them achieve the same by converting them into bite size individual targets. BeatRoute’s Field Force Automation software is a zero code platform i.e. it can go live within weeks and companies can either use the complete platform or selectively deploy workflows with their existing SAP C4C, SFDC or other deployments.


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