Editorial Policy of BeatRoute

At BeatRoute, we take information veracity and originality very seriously. Every piece that goes out – blog posts, social media posts, or ad copies – are vetted across multiple levels before publishing. We do this to ensure that our readers can trust what we write and so that our copies are always top-notch. 

To accomplish the principles of unbiasedness, relevance, freshness, and authority, our posts undergo five critical steps. 

These are:

  • Comprehensive research
  • Content creation
  • Quality check (Reviewal and suggestions)
  • Content amendment
  • Publishing

Apart from these, we check our content on a regular basis and then, where necessary, we have a sixth step: 

  • Content update

Comprehensive research

Research is the holy grail of all forms of writing – informative or persuasive. Our SEO team provides our authors with detailed briefs with instructions and expectations from the piece and our authors take their sweet time to dissect every topic from a to z; they make sure that before they start writing, they have all the information at their fingertips. This allows for copies that are both detailed as well as reliable. 

Content creation

With research done, our expert authors (experienced in sales force automation, Retails , FMCG and CPG Industry among other topics) get to the toughest part of the job, putting ink to paper or in our case, words on a content creation tool. They take what they have from the research, separate what they need from what they don’t, create an outline, and get to writing. There is no unnecessary rush involved as we believe good writing takes time and with expert contributors, we have it all figured out.

Quality check (Reviewal and suggestions)

Once the copy is finished, the author sends it over to the quality checker or editor to assess for typos, grammar, spelling, tone, and information. Our editors are experienced, hardcore authors in their own right and are excellent judges of good and bad content. They go through the piece in detail, check for issues, verify hyperlinks, add clear suggestions, and send the document back to the author for amendment.

Content amendment

The author, having received back the document with suggestions added to it, gets to work with amending the piece as required. In the process, some dialogue may take place between author and editor to ensure that the final copy is indeed the most publishable one, free from bias, errors or fluff. This is the last line of defence before publishing. This stage also includes the finalisation of graphics or images that would go with the post. 


Once green lit by the editor and author, the post is then published on our page for our readers. We recheck the whole thing once again before hitting the publish button as a final check before it’s visible to the world. 

Content update

Our SEO team and authors collaborate on a regular basis to reevaluate the blog posts. If we find room for improvement or there is new information that we can add in a post, we do so promptly. This makes our blog up-to-date and brimming with information that you can actionably use.