Why some SFA’s are liked by teams

In 2000, Gartner estimated that 80% of sales force automation (SFA) projects fail during implementation. Things have improved since then, but most studies put the average adoption to about 60%. It’s a big contemporary problem. Here are top 4 ways to improve your chance of successful SFA implementation Simplicity and Ease of use Field force comes in a wide spectrum of skillset. Even the most skilled like in Pharma industry require easy to understand navigation with near zero training requirements. Neat and clean user interface with simplest navigation ensures adoption during the first rollout and most importantly when new employees Continue Reading →

New Aadhar regime and KYC Conundrum of India

It was a phase that lasted a few months when telecom, lending and fintech industry celebrated the birth of digital identity for Indians - Aadhar. So did everybody else, who envisioned financial inclusion of large portion of un-banked and un-connected masses of India. With full electronic process of verification, cost of customer acquisition had dropped drastically, hence the viability of providing service far and wide. Then came the Supreme Court judgement in Sep 2018 that Aadhar electronic verification process cannot be used to facilitate the KYC (Know your Customer) norms. Not even with voluntary consent of the individual. However, as Continue Reading →

Customer Profiling – Reason no 1 for SFA failure in FMCG Industry

You implemented an SFA. It looked great in first couple of months. But the excitement faded away. First nobody wanted to use it. Then it became pointless even if they used it. Here are the symptoms a few months down the line. Symptoms of Failure 1) You have no clue of the visit adherence because you are not sure of the customer geo-codes 2) Retail coverage data coming from the system is not clear because you are not sure how many duplicate store data exist in your SFA system 3) Beat Plan adherence does not make any sense because of Continue Reading →

Store Profiling- A way of getting ahead of others

A complete and thorough understanding, about the inside out of your customers and catering to their needs accordingly, is the ultimate remedy for leading your domain market. Thus, arises the need for a complex set of activities for attracting and keeping intact the attention of your most important customers- ‘the retail stores’. Namely, ‘Store Profiling’- is nothing short of the Holy Grail of all retail marketing strategies. To help you with it, and to fulfill this need, we bring to you an amalgamation of features; meticulously planned and strategized in an app called ‘BeatRoute’. Store Profiling means identifying the needs Continue Reading →

Field CRM and Lead Management

  The ‘lead info’ clearly travels a lot of steps before it reaches the sales rep, who actually becomes the face of your company. For any other industry, it might be an area which can be slightly neglected, but when Banking Finance, or Insurance companies are taken into consideration, the most important lever of winning a client is a face to face meeting. Sales reps are the ones who do these meetings and are responsible for converting a lead to a customer. So, are you ready to risk your potential customer? Just imagine the scenarios that could go wrong when Continue Reading →

‘Convincing Demo, Sure Sell’- through team learning

“The fact is, everyone is in sales. Whatever area you work in, you do have clients and you do need to sell.” -Jay Abraham A customer seldom bothers about or even considers the amount of technology or research that must have gone into creating a product and how unique it is. Perils of a Customer Purchase Journey Let’s trace back the journey of a product purchase from a customers’ perspective, you are free to choose any product that comes in your mind, from FMCG, Consumer Durables or Insurance. The chances of a customer choosing your product over the others become Continue Reading →

‘Convincing Demo, Sure Sell’- through team learning with BeatRoute

BeatRoute is an intelligent field execution platform that makes every field team member 10x more effective. It is a one-stop platform that helps you drive more sales through field teams. One of the key use cases that BeatRoute solves is helping the organization communicate and deliver standardized communication to its Field Teams and Customers. A few pillars make BeatRoute’s mechanisms foolproof- Multimedia Content The chances of your product being successful should not be based on the memory of a field force person, rather on solid formats that the field force can refer to, as and when needed. BeatRoute allows you Continue Reading →

GPS Tracking – The Game Changer for Field Force Management

  Technology is essentially changing the way we do our business and why shouldn't it? With the growth of any business that has a field force, it becomes a pressing need to have a closer eye on each activity; robust GPS tracking could be a possibility here. Handling a field force without technology is not only beyond the bounds of possibilities but unintelligent as well. No matter how big or small your team is, managing and monitoring it, effectively, is difficult. And helping them do their job better is undoubtedly a big challenge. One of the key things about managing Continue Reading →

Winning customers at the Point Of Sale – Product Promoter Enablement

  Winning customers at the Point Of Sale - Product Promoter Enablement Are you concerned about your product getting lost amongst similar products and not getting the set of eyes that it actually deserves? It is quintessential in today’s world to get the attention of potential customers. Winning it at the point of sale is one thing that can never go wrong.   Deploying Product Promoter at the POS can not only help increase your sales but it also helps you avoid stock-outs and ensure compliance with visual merchandising campaigns and get competitor insights. For you as a Sales Manager, Continue Reading →

Order Maximization – A game changer

Maximising orders by retailers is critical to any sales driven business, especially for FMCG and Consumer Durable product companies. This lever worked on effectively with the sales team, can have a major impact on the top line of the  FMCG and Consumer Durable product companies.  However, this isn’t a cakewalk - as anyone who’s been in sales knows - and the challenge only multiplies when trying to drive this across an entire field sales team. Just a few challenges and pitfalls can drastically hamper order maximisation efforts and sales. A key aspect that can hinder a sales rep is visibility Continue Reading →